We are in the field of Agricultural automation. We aim to equip our farmers with technologies to enhance their day to day activities with the following: -

Mobile operated motor starters

Mobile Starter Controller is a device to control and monitor electric motors, agriculture pump sets through mobile phone using GSM technology. This is a GSM powered remote controller to switch ON and OFF electric devices from remote location. With the help of this GSM ON OFF Controller, User can switch ON/OFF and monitor


Drip Irrigation Controller 


“Drip Irrigation System along with ferti jet” is a mobile app based; solenoid valve controlled system. It facilitate hassle free operation for luxurious irrigation from anywhere across the globe on a single click.

Features of Drip Automation controller:

  • Its schedules watering timings for each farm and rest back for months without worrying
  • Automatic modulation in valve timings based on available water in well & seasonal conditions
  • Receive notifications & reminders about the controller operations on your phone
  • This application helps user to control their drip valves and fertigation from anywhere
  • Weekly Scheduler Schedule irrigation for different days & time Automatic adjustment as per season
  • Visually Interactive Panel for Network & Electricity Availability Indicator Manual Panel in case of failure of phone / app
  • Protection Triple Layered Load Protection from fluctuation
  • IP65 Protection for water resistance
  • Start, stop, alter & operate full controller remotely from anywhere worldwide